Picture Day Clothing Tips

Clothing and Accessory Ideas and Tips

Here are a few helpful tips that can help reduce stress and make portrait day a success.

What should my child wear? Should I dress up them up or keep it casual?  Do solids or patterns photograph better?

  • Solid colors work best with our scenic or traditional backgrounds.
  • If you choose a pattern, keep it simple, so it doesn’t become the focus of the photograph.
  • Casual clothing choices work best with a lot of our scenic backgrounds.
  • Accessorize with hats, vests and jackets.
  • Color coordinate sibling outfits.  Watch out for clashing patterns.
  • Keep in mind the theme of the background… A suit and tie against our beach background would look a little silly!
  • Whatever your child wears for picture day, make sure they are comfortable in it.

For some cute outfits and styles for on styles for Picture Day, visit our Pinterest page!