How to Prepare Your Kids for Picture Day

How to Prepare Your Kids for Picture Day

Tips for Picture Day Preperation

Picture day is a big day for children and parents. It’s exciting and can be filled with expectations.

Here’s some tips to help get the best results.

Smiling… Everyone wants their child to smile for picture day. Help them practice smiling by saying silly things that they find funny.

Expectations… Talk to them about what will happen on picture day. Some children can be shy, nervous or even scared about getting their picture taken. Keep a relaxed, positive attitude about the day, so they will be excited.

Clothing Choices… This is a great way to get your child excited about picture day. Let them have a say in what they will wear. Sometimes that makes a huge difference in their attitude, and results in big smiles.

Parents Should Stay Home… As much as you would like to be there, to make sure your little one smiles, this adds a lot of pressure on kids. It can also be distracting, when the photographer is working with them. The kids become unsure of who they should be paying attention to. So don’t worry, we’ll make it fun and get those natural smiles you are looking for!

Sick Children… If your child is too sick for school, they are too sick for pictures. Picture day should be fun for kids. Nobody wants to smile when they’re not feeling well. We don’t want them to feel pressured to smile when they are ill. We are in the schools twice a year, so we’ll get that smile next time!

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